Which Battery is the Best to Buy?


Batteries.  Vital elements in nearly every portable electronic device.  But what makes up a good battery?  And what will batteries of the future be like?

It all starts with two words.  Lithium Ion.

Lithium Ion batteries are currently the most reliable and versatile battery type.  From cell phones, to power tools, to car batteries, Li-ion batteries are growing in market share and are displaying their superiority.

The Difference

Let’s explain by comparing them to a previously dominant battery type, Nickel-Cadmium.

Rethink How You’re Buying


Best Product…Satisfaction Guaranteed…Best Value on the Market.

What do these and similarly appealing titles mean?  Whether you represent a consumer, a buyer, or a vendor, these terms regularly appear regarding an item’s performance.  But how are these statements made?  Who is the authority giving validity to these claims?

Believe it or not, there is rarely a consistent methodology behind these claims.  One manufacturer tells you one thing, followed by a competitor that tells you something else. While most products must pass safety and regulatory guidelines in order to be on the shelf, these levels are minimum standards.  Barriers to entry.  They have little bearing on the TRUE performance of a product.

Ok.  Then who do you believe when determining which product to buy?  Which product is the best performer, the best value, the best for YOUR shelf space or for YOUR home?

That’s where this blog can help.  Positioning itself as the leader in Product Intelligence Consulting for over 3 years, 4th Strand helps determine true product performance that cuts through the marketing bias.  This blog will bring you tips to use and things to avoid when making purchasing decisions.

Here is an example: when buying something as personal as toilet paper, what are you looking for?  Softness?  Durability?  Whiteness?  If that is the case, what do you do at the store?  Do you consider which product satisfies your needs at the best price?  Or do you just buy the brand you have always used?

The next time you see an impressive label or are faced with differing facts, rethink what you read.  True product performance is defined by your customer experience, not by what you read on a label..

Moving on Up!


OK. We totally ran out of space. So… we moved our office… not too far as you can see in the video, but you wouldn’t have known that unless I told you.

I asked one of our Managing Directors how we were able to do this. He explained, “We acquired the unique opportunity to increase our office space and staff due to an increase in workload and sustainable client relationships.Yes, that’s really how he talks. Luckily, you have me to translate. Sustainable client relationships simply means our customers like us because we go the extra mile to make them happy.

Psst! Here’s a secret, it got so bad; we started hiring people and asked them to work from their cars so they can still access the server on WiFi. Just kidding. We stopped doing that because it started getting cold. I’m still kidding!

The good news is healthy growth is a good thing. What do I mean by healthy growth? Well, our increased demand matches our organizational support strategy. In other words, we made sure we had the steady workload first, before we hired new employees.

Behold! The transformation.