Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from all of us at 4th Strand!


We hope that everyone has a relaxing holiday season and has safe travels!


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Georgia’s Gwinnett ReStore Christmas Deal


We’ve got THE Christmas deal for you!

Guess what it is?


We’re back. We have returned to talk about the Habitat for Humanity ReStore again.

Wait there’s more (in my fancy ‘As Seen on TV’ voice)! We’ve recently received the opportunity to bless the local, Gwinnett Restore with someone you’ll love this holiday season.

So, remember our Christmas light blog ‘Let There Be Light’ about LED technology? HUH? You didn’t’ read it did you? Shame on you! Our local ReStore has on the floor over $6000.00 in various Christmas lights. They’ve got LED large and mini lights, regular and LED icicle strings, multi-function, C7 style lights, clear minis, multi-colored, and more. The light counts go from strings with 25 to 300.

Wait. What’s a ReStore again?

Habitat for Humanity - Gwinnett ReStore

Oh right. Sorry. In an effort to generate more funding for their various projects across the world, Habitat for Humanity created the ReStore. ReStore resale outlets accept donated goods, which are sold to the general public at a fraction of the retail price. The proceeds help local Habitat organizations fund the construction of Habitat homes within their communities. Basically, they focus on sheltering the poor and homeless. That’s BIG!

Essentially, you can go down to the Gwinnett ReStore and buy a $25 box of Christmas lights for less than half the price.  If you’re gonna show up the Jones’ this year with an amazing light show, yer gonna have to go big for cheap. Why not do it and support a great cause as well?

Let There Be Light!


What is it with my neighbor leaving his exterior Christmas lights up, anyway?

Every July, I curse his laziness. Then every October, I praise his sheer genius.

Who can blame him for leaving them up? I’ve always hated messing with the exterior lights. I mean, they’re outside. We can’t even see them from inside! Then I had kids.

Anytime I think about Christmas lights and the annual ritual of trying them out, I always remember my dad, like his father before him, fighting a tangled mess of light strings while cheerful Christmas music played in the background. A visual oxymoron.

Hand me another rum ball…


He’d rejoice when they’d all light up on the first try, and cry if they didn’t, because that meant he had to find out which bulb wasn’t working, causing the rest of the string to play dead. Ah, the good old days…

Cue your inner Clark Griswold