You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone

carton tp

How true a statement.

What do you take for granted?

Imagine life without certain conveniences… Cars, phones, electricity, TiVo, freedom, liberty… Not necessarily in that order, however, but you know what I’m getting at when I say, “How did we ever manage without it?” We tend to feel helpless.

I left my phone at home once before. I’ll admit that after an entire day spent weeping amid periodic bursts of anger, sorrow, and feeling stranded, I may have kissed it and hugged it when I got home.

But of all the things we rely on the most, is there anything as tragically underrated as toilet paper?


Yeah, poor transition, but let me see you try to come up with a better way to announce that 4th Strand recently tested leading brands of toilet paper and paper towels…

Think about it for a moment.

Forgot your phone?

There’s voicemail and email.

 Car broke down?

There’s AAA.

We’re Going to the Oscars


A few months ago, 4th Strand participated in a product line review for gas powered lawn mowers.  This included several major vendors like Honda.

4th Strand even created a video that showcases the various types of tests the lawn mowers were put through. It’s pretty fancy, check it out!

Seemingly, the vendor and the retailer were impressed enough to use 4th Strand’s Norcross, GA office to film their corporate training video.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generator


I must admit, there have only been two times in my life that I ever considered owning a portable generator. The first time was in 1999, when I saw my brother-in-law converting his garage into a makeshift bunker of sorts. Just in case computers all around the globe began to go screwy, he was, shall we say, very Y2K-compliant. Stocked with a wall full of corned beef hash and a shiny, new, portable backup generator, his garage was ready to serve as central command for the post-cyber age. All he needed to bring with him was his peace of mind and a can opener…

Oh, and his wife and kids.

The most recent time was a few months back, during a tense summer storm that rolled in after dark. The family and I had just settled down for a heated game of SORRY! when  the lights go out.

So, we grab a few candles and continue the game and the ensuing trash talk (We’re a tad competitive, you could say). Anyway, an hour goes by, the lights still aren’t on, and we’re all clearly past the “I’ll-sit-in-a-dark-humid-room-playing-some-stupid-board-game-by-candlelight-with-you” limit. And just let me say, an hour of SORRY! in the dark with the entire family prompted me to write several letters to the FBI to suggest some new interrogation tactics. Take away the AC, and I would have been ready to ‘fess up to any crime.