How to Make Your Lawn Better:


Unless you are still living in a city that’s battling the newest snowpocalypse, signs of life are finally starting to appear as spring is rapidly approaching.  And with spring comes warmer temperatures, life outside, and beautiful looking yards.  Oh yeah, AND yard work.

What many people don’t realize is the importance of continual lawn care and preventative maintenance.  While cutting the grass and trimming your bushes will prevent your house from looking abandoned, taking the proper steps ahead of time will make your future lawn care much easier.

This week we provide a 4-Step Guide to help make your lawn one of the best in the neighborhood. While the months vary by region, general seasonal references will give you a good sense for when to execute each step.

How to Sweep Up Time & Money:

How to Sweep Up Time & Money:

With the snow finally melting and sun beginning to shine again, the yearly event that few people look forward to is nearly upon us, Spring-Cleaning.

But before you grab your Windex, Bleach, mops, and brooms, do you know if you truly have the best equipment to get the job done?  Have you considered exactly what you need to clean the most efficient way possible?

Believe it or not, purchasing the right equipment can make your spring-cleaning that much easier and last much longer.

Lets focus on stick goods (i.e. mops & brooms).  When you purchase a broom or mop, what do you look for? For many, a name brand product will do the job.  Who trusts private brands anyways?  And since your previous broom is no longer produced and sold, you may pick the one that is the most similar to your previous broom.  But do any of these factors lead you to the best decision? It’s not likely.

Here’s things you should consider instead:

Habitat for Humanity Tucson and Home Depot Vendors to Construct Homes

Tucson HFH

We were just part of a huge, combined effort to build homes in Tucson, AZ partnering with The Home Depot Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and 250 volunteers from all over the nation.

The team worked on 21 homes in 3 days.

April 11th through April 12th, 2011, more than 250 volunteers from The Home Depot Foundation, The Home Depot Hardware Departments and their vendor partners, and organizers from Habitat for Humanity Tucson worked on 21 houses doing construction projects, framing and landscaping in Habitat’s Corazon Del Pueblo development.

Allen, a consultant/project lead here at 4th Strand, explained his most memorable moment was when one of the home owners said at the table during lunch, “I never thought I would own a home of my own.” He explained these new owners aren’t getting a hand-out, in fact, the program and volunteers simply made owning a home… more affordable.

It’s always rewarding to be part of something big, where it matters. In the lives of others in need.

 4th Strand.