4th Strand’s Working Hard

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Philanthropy.  For some people its donating money to charities.  For others it’s giving time, going on mission trips, or feeding the homeless.  Regardless of the act, philanthropy by definition is “an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes.”  For 4th Strand, philanthropy involves moustaches and hard work.

Two weeks ago, the 4th Strand group teamed up with over 150 others to help out the community.  Joining forces with the Home Depot Foundation, we arrived at the American Legion Post 201 in Alpharetta, GA for a full day of work.

4S team members were split up on different tasks including raking/blowing leaves, installing ceiling fans, painting, gardening, installing flooring, and building gazebos.

With the goal of helping Veterans and ending Veteran homelessness, a long day full of hard work turned the American Legion Post and its surrounding area into a completely restored area. 

4th Strand’s Doing Mo’



What normally comes to your mind when November 1st rolls around?  Autumn leaves? Football?  Winter coats? Turkey, gravy, and all the helpings? Early Christmas wishes?

What about moustaches?

That’s right, moustaches.  For the past 3 years at 4th Strand, November brings the growth of moustaches and the start of Movember, an annual campaign for men’s health awareness.

For those who aren’t familiar, Movember is a global charity focusing on raising support and awareness for men’s health.  How does this awareness work?  It’s simple. Participating men start the month of November clean-shaven, working over the 30-days to grow and groom their moustache.  But it’s not just about growing a moustache.  It’s done while encouraging friends and family to support their cause by spreading the message and donating money for men’s health research.  And it’s not just for men.  Mo Sistas join the cause by helping to raise funds and encouraging other men to get involved!

But why men’s health?  How widespread are men’s health issues?

I ‘Mustache’ You How You Did


We’ve gained MO’mentum and stayed MO’tivated to raise MO’vember MO’ney! We raised $5,192.00 in our small little team of 18 as first timers to the Movember cause.

We were ranked #466 out of hundreds and hundreds of teams.

What’s soooo exciting about this other then we look really handsome? Let me fill you in…

Celebration time... C'mon!

We’ve raised funds to support the awareness of men’s health issues.

Those funds will be directed toward the prostate cancer and other cancer initiatives such as Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG.

We’ve encouraged men to go get their yearly checkups and take care of themselves. You can’t treat what you don’t know you have.

We’ve encouraged the women who love those men to push their hubbies out the door and on to the doctor. Basically, get checked out and stick around for a while. Who else is gonna take care of the MO’nstrous honey-do-list? Ha… that was a good one.