HDTV Buying Guide:


With Memorial Day quickly approaching, people of all ages prepare for their big trip to the lake, beach, swimming pool, or other annual event.  While some people use their day off to relax and officially kick-off the summer, it is also a day filled with retail deals and sales.

And what many people don’t realize is that it is one of the best times of the year to upgrade your television.

As it does in nearly any electronic, the technology in televisions continues to evolve every year.  Luckily, we are here to provide a buying guide to help you get the BEST TV for your home. In this buying guide we will focus on 4 main categories:

The Key to Product Consistency


As consumers, people often develop a need for a particular product, drive to a store (or visit an online retailer), and purchase the product.  Whether it is toilet paper, light bulbs, a lawnmower, or any other item, we rarely consider how the product moved from ideation all the way to the shelf.

Most consumers likely assume that retailers and vendors have conducted the necessary steps to ensure good performance, proper pricing, and brand consistency.  But often times, retailers don’t perform some of these processes, leading to dissatisfied customers, returned products, and the loss of future business.

For retail professional and vendors/manufacturers, one of the key steps often over looked lies in proper documentation of product