The Best Lawn Mower


After following our advice on lawn care maintenance, your lawn is finally coming in like you imagined.  With your first spring/summer cookout quickly approaching, only one task remains: cutting the grass.  While it is typically a simple task and one you have been doing since you were nearly a child, your 10+ year old lawn mower has decided it has had enough.  Continuous pulls on the starter cord and endless priming no longer has an effect. Time to buy a new one…

Its been years since you’ve even considered purchasing a lawn mower.  The endless selection of lawn mowers ranging in prices from $150-$700 doesn’t make it any easier and the tech jargon on the shelves adds even more confusion.

Luckily, 4th Strand is here to provide a lawn mower buying guide.

When selecting a mower, there are several key factors to consider:

How to Buy a Grill


The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the snow has finally melted (in most places).  That means it is safe to step back out on your patio and begin grilling once again.  Before starting your weekly routine of burgers, steak, chicken, vegetables, and anything else that can be grilled, it just may be time to update that unevenly cooking and rotting grill you have wrestled with for years.

Having a proper grill is essential for successful warm weather entertaining and great tasting meals.  While purchasing the correct grill can provide happy summer months, using the incorrect grill will only lead to uncooked and burnt meals and frustrating nights of grilling.

With all of the different grill options, searching for the correct grill may sometimes seem like searching for the holy grail.  Luckily, we are here to make that decision easier for you.  Follow these tips to pick the best grill for your applications:

How Consumers are in Charge:


High-priced. Well manufactured.  Great quality.

These three terms are traditionally assumed to describe popular and successful products.  Successful products should be manufactured properly to enable a great quality product at an appropriate price.  Companies across the globe develop strategies to expand their market share every day, but often forget one key aspect, YOU!

With the growth of online retailing and a more educated consumer base, those companies who do not focus on their customer base as a main driver in strategy, are missing key opportunities to truly expand their market share.

When making business decisions and developing product strategies, retailers and manufacturers must consider how their plans will be received by customers.  There is no value in developing a high-quality, high-priced product if customers are only willing to pay half of the price.  While a new product may be “superior” to all others in theory, a higher price point will scare off any potentially interested customers.  Conversely, more educated consumers will now pick apart a properly priced but low-quality product.

So where does the solution lie?

The answer is through a truly consumer based focus. Balance price and quality to meet the demands of YOUR customers.  And this will not be the same for all companies.  The first step comes in learning more about your customers.  As yourself the following questions: How is the market trending?  Where else are my customers shopping?  Are they focused more on quality, price, or a balance?  What complaints am I currently receiving and how can I improve them? How can we stay ahead of competitors to maintain or grow customer satisfaction?

Finding the key to consumer happiness will help drive repeat business through satisfied customers and increase new business through reviews and referrals.

And while you think your product may perform well on “certification” tests, do these metrics directly relate to the customer?  Ensuring proper performance through consumer driven performance tests will properly illustrate the true performance of a product.  For example, while a light bulb may last longer than any other bulb on the market, if it doesn’t properly screw into a light fixture, it really doesn’t matter. This theory can be translated across all product types through focusing on consumer based testing and developing products FOR consumers.

At 4th Strand, we focus on providing these customer-based solutions to enable the best business decisions and proper execution of strategy.  And we aren’t the only ones who believe that consumers are the key ingredients in retail success.  Forbes recently shared the same ideal that a process is just as important as a product.


Do you focus on customers in your retail strategy?  As a consumer, what do you look for in a potential new product?


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