Make Better Decisions, In March


At 4th Strand, we focus on providing clients with consulting services that enable better and smarter decisions.  Whether our work leads to recommendations in product quality and marketing or helps make smarter purchasing decisions, we strive to provide the best solutions and give YOU the data needed to make tough decisions.

And now is when you ask where we were while you frantically filled out your March Madness Bracket last week.  While we didn’t want to attempt predicting the 1 in 9.2 quintillion odds of a perfect bracket, here are 10 tips/facts that you should have followed in picking your bracket. 

Win Business With Intelligence


In the retail industry, product performance matters. And as a retailer, we have already mentioned how important performance is in executing your retail strategy.

But for vendors, manufacturers, or anyone else selling/manufacturing their own products, it may not seem as easy.  Instead of having individuals pitching their product for your shelf space and bringing all of their information to you, the tables are turned.  It’s your job to ensure your product makes the shelf, performs better than competition, and sells more units.

Is there a way to land your product on the shelf while also increasing product performance, marketing, and product quality?

While it sounds complicated and confusing, the solution comes with two simple words: Competitive Intelligence.

What is Competitive Intelligence?

9 Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun


After following our 4-Step Guide to a Better Lawn, I know you went out and began the process to a better-looking lawn.  Now, days later, you are feeling the after effects of all that sun.  And not only are you feeling the effects, all your friends and coworkers can now see the perfect “farmers tan” (or burn) that your efforts have created.

If only there was a way to truly know which sunscreen will prevent your next farmers tan or severe sunburn, especially with spring break right around the corner.

Fortunately, we here at 4th Strand have done our research on sunscreen.

Why to Wear It: