How to Execute Retail Strategy:


What do you focus on when you shop? Do you prefer the latest and greatest innovations with the biggest price tags? Or do you prefer to purchase the lowest priced products?  For most consumers, it’s likely dependent on the object and a combination of the two.  But what should you really base your decision on, price or performance?

While consumers have this dilemma daily in stores, it directly relates to retail professionals.  For many buyers, the most stressful time of the year is determining their “shelf” or product assortment.   With numerous manufacturers and products to choose from, they must pick the item that their customers will hopefully purchase.  And of course, every potential comes with a pitch that points out how their product is the best in class AND at the best price.

But whom should the retailer pick?  With multiple brands competing for limited shelf space, the options seem limitless and the strategy developed over the past six months seems impossible.  How can a retail professional properly EXECUTE their strategy?

How to Sweep Up Time & Money:

How to Sweep Up Time & Money:

With the snow finally melting and sun beginning to shine again, the yearly event that few people look forward to is nearly upon us, Spring-Cleaning.

But before you grab your Windex, Bleach, mops, and brooms, do you know if you truly have the best equipment to get the job done?  Have you considered exactly what you need to clean the most efficient way possible?

Believe it or not, purchasing the right equipment can make your spring-cleaning that much easier and last much longer.

Lets focus on stick goods (i.e. mops & brooms).  When you purchase a broom or mop, what do you look for? For many, a name brand product will do the job.  Who trusts private brands anyways?  And since your previous broom is no longer produced and sold, you may pick the one that is the most similar to your previous broom.  But do any of these factors lead you to the best decision? It’s not likely.

Here’s things you should consider instead:

Everything You Need For Sochi


For one month every four years, the best of the world come together to compete for their country.  As athlete’s compete in Sochi, spectators around the world tune in to catch the action.  While the first Winter Olympics in 1924 consisted of 16 events, the current model has approximately 47 events over 15 disciplines.

With all of these different sports and confusing rules, how are you supposed to enjoy the coverage if you don’t even understand what you are watching?

Luckily, we are here to provide you with THE comprehensive guide to every Olympic event. We will start by breaking it down by two categories, Snow Sports and Ice Sports