15 Tire Safety and Buying Tips


Everyone knows the feeling.  You’re driving down the highway, avoiding the crazy drivers speeding by (or acting as one), when your check engine light turns on.  A few days later you muster together the time and energy to drop the car off at the Auto Shop.  Lucky for you, it’s nothing major.  That’s until your phone rings minutes later with the Auto Shop representative telling you one of the worst parts of owning and maintaining a car, “You need new tires.”

How are you even supposed to know when to change tires? Isn’t there some trick with a penny? How long do they last and which set should you buy?

There’s rarely a time where a $400+ decision is ever fun or easy, especially involving tires.  Luckily 4th Strand compiled the following lists to help your next decision, or hopefully help prevent an accident caused by old/faulty tires.

5 Ways to Know it’s Time

4th Strand’s Working Hard

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Philanthropy.  For some people its donating money to charities.  For others it’s giving time, going on mission trips, or feeding the homeless.  Regardless of the act, philanthropy by definition is “an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes.”  For 4th Strand, philanthropy involves moustaches and hard work.

Two weeks ago, the 4th Strand group teamed up with over 150 others to help out the community.  Joining forces with the Home Depot Foundation, we arrived at the American Legion Post 201 in Alpharetta, GA for a full day of work.

4S team members were split up on different tasks including raking/blowing leaves, installing ceiling fans, painting, gardening, installing flooring, and building gazebos.

With the goal of helping Veterans and ending Veteran homelessness, a long day full of hard work turned the American Legion Post and its surrounding area into a completely restored area. 

The Perfect Breakfast

The Perfect Breakfast

Beep! Beep! Beep!

It’s 6:00am and your alarm clock just rudely awoke you from the perfect sleep.  You hit the snooze button hoping to catch a few more ZZs.  5 minutes pass and you finally roll out of bed.  After the typical morning routine, you slowly make your way into the kitchen.  What will you have for breakfast today?  A breakfast shake? Some toast? A bagel? Just a cup of coffee?  Why does the most critical meal of the day always seem like a difficult question?

But what makes the question so difficult?  What are the key parts in making your decision?  Is there a way to make each of these options easier and more appetizing?

There are, and the solutions are right on the kitchen counter, your tabletop appliances.

What do you focus on when purchasing a blender, toaster/toaster oven, or coffee maker?  For some it’s the price, others the brand name.  There are undoubtedly those who simply added the sleekest looking model to their wedding registry, now regretting that decision but unwilling to purchase a new one.

Don’t you wish there was an easy way to understand the differences between the endless options in the appliance aisle?