Rethink How You’re Buying


Best Product…Satisfaction Guaranteed…Best Value on the Market.

What do these and similarly appealing titles mean?  Whether you represent a consumer, a buyer, or a vendor, these terms regularly appear regarding an item’s performance.  But how are these statements made?  Who is the authority giving validity to these claims?

Believe it or not, there is rarely a consistent methodology behind these claims.  One manufacturer tells you one thing, followed by a competitor that tells you something else. While most products must pass safety and regulatory guidelines in order to be on the shelf, these levels are minimum standards.  Barriers to entry.  They have little bearing on the TRUE performance of a product.

Ok.  Then who do you believe when determining which product to buy?  Which product is the best performer, the best value, the best for YOUR shelf space or for YOUR home?

That’s where this blog can help.  Positioning itself as the leader in Product Intelligence Consulting for over 3 years, 4th Strand helps determine true product performance that cuts through the marketing bias.  This blog will bring you tips to use and things to avoid when making purchasing decisions.

Here is an example: when buying something as personal as toilet paper, what are you looking for?  Softness?  Durability?  Whiteness?  If that is the case, what do you do at the store?  Do you consider which product satisfies your needs at the best price?  Or do you just buy the brand you have always used?

The next time you see an impressive label or are faced with differing facts, rethink what you read.  True product performance is defined by your customer experience, not by what you read on a label..

Welcome to the new 4th Strand!


Welcome to the all-new 4th Strand blog!

After over 3 years as a leader in Product Intelligence Consulting, 4th Strand is on the move again.  We’re rebranding, increasing our digital presence, and continuing to reshape the way retail is being done.

For those unfamiliar with 4th Strand, we provide competitive brand analysis and product performance consulting amongst several other services.  Through our approach, retailers have all the information they need on a simple one-page scorecard, making it easy to compare options and ensure their products perform to expectations.  Making the connection between brand strategy and performance on the shelf improves products, increases customer satisfaction, and saves 100s of millions of dollars each year.

One of the key parts of our latest enhancement is this blog.  Whether you are a consumer, retailer, vendor, or anyone involved in the retail industry, our goal is to provide purchasing tips, industry insights, and thoughtful analysis.

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