Best Place to Work Finalist

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4th Strand would like to share some exciting news! We received the honor of being a finalist (out of over 600 companies) in Atlanta’s ‘Best Place to Work’ 2012 contest in the small business category.  To earn this prestigious recognition, thousands of employees were polled to get real opinions about the companies where they work.  People love to work at 4th Strand and here are some obvious reasons why:

  • We have a relaxed atmosphere for people to produce in without that unnecessary corporate stress.
  • We have fun.  As an example, we created a great online tool to make project work easier and PURPOSEFULLY named it the ‘TPS Report’.
  • We have a business model that enables us to employ good people that continually strengthen our business. When people feel secure, they’re just plain happy.
  • 90% of us show up in flip-flops, unless of course we have a client meeting, which necessitates a temporary wardrobe change.
  • We eat lunch together. Daily. It seems trivial, but we find it’s a great time to refresh, connect and catch up with each other.
  • We ONLY use Apple products. Networking, laptops, desktops, WiFi, you name it  - nothing but Apple products!
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We aren’t too proud to laugh at one another and enjoy the moment, whether it’s an opportunity for improvement or a success.

4th Strand would like to thank the Atlanta Business Chronicle for this amazing honor and wishes continued business success to all the other finalists involved.
Check out our website to find out more about 4th Strand and Facebook to see more of our workplace culture.