We’re Going to the Oscars


A few months ago, 4th Strand participated in a product line review for gas powered lawn mowers.  This included several major vendors like Honda.

4th Strand even created a video that showcases the various types of tests the lawn mowers were put through. It’s pretty fancy, check it out!

Seemingly, the vendor and the retailer were impressed enough to use 4th Strand’s Norcross, GA office to film their corporate training video.

Oh My, Oh My… Why HDMI?


Simplify, they say.

Simplification seems to be the growing trend in society.

Peace, harmony, fulfillment through simplification.

If only it were so… simple.

Speaking of trends and simplification, however, a techie like me can’t help but think of the benefit of recent technology, where “simple” helps drive the digital/electronic market. Take Apple, for instance. Your entire computer contained within the monitor! Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse. No wires! Genius… Fancy, too.

I’ll confess that my life seems to go smoother with my trusty iPhone. The iPad is practically sewn to my hand, as well, which saved me last week at my daughter’s dance recital. I forgot my camcorder, so I just casually shot some HD video with the iPad. On the way home, I stopped and bought an HDMI cable to connect my iPad to the TV to show the whole family the HD video I’d captured.

Less is more, indeed.

HDMI technology helped me avoid the risk of future therapy for a daughter who felt neglected because her Daddy forgot the camcorder and had no record of the recital from years ago. A few years ago, I had no idea what an “HDMI” was, much less how it could save my daughter’s sanity.

So what’s this “HDMI cable,” anyway?