4th Strand Makes Mo'history


MO’tivated! 3 days left and we’ve made a huge difference so far.

4th Strand is even featured in the Movember news stories (4th Strand makes Movember news!). Considering we are Movember 1st timers we aren’t doing bad at all. Managing Director, Jon Peterson is still kicking’ all of our tails raising over $600, but it’s a team effort overall. Heck, the more money he raises the better it is for the cause.

What do we want to happen from all this?

  • We’d like to say we helped in raising money and awareness of men’s health issues. Supporting cures and the treatment of terminal diseases robbing us of our loved ones.
  • Women, encourage the men in your life to go & get a good check-up. Their life may depend on it.
  • Men, get off your donkey, go to the doctor and get a check-up. You owe it to yourself and your friends/family to stay healthy and aware.
  • We’d eventually love to see the day where NO MAN dies from prostate cancer.

-4th Strand Family.

Finally… A Low Carb Thanksgiving


Did you know that the average Thanksgiving dinner has over 2000 gut-bustin’ calories? Most of us aren’t trying to work against our waistlines. So here are a few eating tips during the Thanksgiving grazing you’re about to do. Please take our fancy Thanksgiving poll at the end. 

  • Don’t go to Thanksgiving hungry. That’s just silly. I can hear my dad saying, “No breakfast for me; I’m saving room for Thanksgiving tonight. I’m smart.” Are you sure about that Dad?  That’s like going to the supermarket to food shop for the family after you’ve fasted for 2 days. We often eat faster and more when we think we’re starving. Eat a good breakfast and lunch to avoid overeating.
  • Thanksgiving dinner is not an all-you-can-eay buffet. HUH? It’s not? Fill up your plate with 1/2 lean vegetables, then the lean meat, the non-sugary stuff and then throw a couple starches on.

Still Waivin’ The Shavin’


Day 16 of Movember:

My wife tells me I’m scratchy and unkissable.

“Thanks, dear.”

I bet Hallmark doesn’t have a card to say that.

Nevermind, I clearly look like my mom with a mustache

These darling kids of mine even came up with a new game where they stick pieces of felt to my face and wait to see whose felt falls off last.

And on top of all that, I look more like my father than ever, and that’s the thing that’s freaking me out.

Ah, yes. The things we do for a great cause like Movember…  Like Managing Director, David McNeill having a knock down, drag out mustache battle with an long time, overseas buddy (See featured image above). Unfortuantely he’s got the Magnum P.I. look and David, well let’s just say his four girls look forward to dinner jokes about daddy’s dirty lip every night. Yes, I said 4 girls.