I've Got So Many Friends, I Broke Facebook


In an effort to tell you who we are and of course, what it is we do, we’d like you to come ‘Like‘ us on Facebook. We’re not looking for 7 billion friends like the guys in the video below, but it would be nice to share with you our product knowledge, reward you with some awesome giveaways and remind you we are driving a better quality of consumer product on the shelves of your favorite retailers.

That totally sounds ‘friend worthy’ to me. Free advice and prizes! Um… better quality in the products you love. C’mon!

That’s right, 4th Strand gets the unique opportunity to be an integral part of the performance testing on products you use every day. Check out our introduction blog Pleasure to Meet You to learn more.

So Many Friends (That I Broke Facebook) on Vimeo.

Take a chance and come ‘Like’ us on Facebook. If Twitter fits your fancy, come follow us there too. Or also. Or both.

We want to be your friend. Please.

-4th Strand Family


Home Depot Pro-user Breakfast


A few weeks ago 4th Strand had the awesome opportunity to spend time with the friendly folks at the pro-desk at the Home Depot in Suwanee, GA. From time to time the Pro-desk team will host a breakfast for professional users and contractors with various expertise in building materials, flooring, power tools and much more.

Mike chatting with a Professional

They stacked the table with sausage biscuits; bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, chicken biscuits (my favorite… Why you ask? More meat of course!) orange juice, and coffee. Often they’ll have free t-shirts and free product samples. Whaaaaaat? Yes FREE product samples for simply showing up and stuffing your face!

This also opens up the floor for vendors like Glidden to come in and share good insight about their paint products. Psst! And also give away free samples. Did you get that? I’m whispering. 

Stay Cool Coolers


(Cue singing angel choir)

It’s football season again! Thirty-two professional teams vying for a trophy, a ring, bragging rights, and the chance to pour a cooler full of drink on their coach at the end of the season. While it’s certainly more than that, a coach being doused in celebration is an image as iconic as holding up a trophy.

Intrigued, I proposed 5-gallon beverage coolers as the subject for this blog entry.  Yes, those coolers. The boss stared at me, thinking, “So you’re going to write an article that people are supposed to read (enjoyably and willingly), with nothing more than a bucket as the topic? Ooh, gripping…” 

He probably wanted to check inside my cooler to see exactly what it was I’d been drinking to settle on that topic.