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It seems like just yesterday the whole country was bundled up under the Polar Vortex.  But here we are in the midst of summer and the heat that comes with it.  We know that everyone has their yard looking great from fertilizing properly and having the best lawnmower for their yard, but what about the edges of the yard and the thick weeds that have grown out of control through the growing season?  There must be a better way to keep your lawn sculpted and clean than hand picking weeds and struggling to replace the string on your old trimmer in the heat.

Luckily, 4th Strand has extensive experience in outdoor power equipment to help you focus on the right string trimmer for your use.  To start we will focus on the most important factors to help direct you to the perfect product. While many points may seem basic, many consumers often overlook key attributes that can save money and add to a better experience. 

Power Type

  • Depending on the yard and application, consumers can end up saving considerable amounts of money by purchasing the right power source.
  • Gas – For consumers who have larger yards or plan on using their trimmer for extended periods of time, gas trimmers enable easy refueling and typically last longer per use.  2 cycle engines need a mixed oil/gas fuel while 4 cycle engines use just gas.
  • Cordless (Battery) – For those with medium sized yards or have run times of less than an hour, cordless trimmers can offer great performance without the hassle of gasoline. Those who enjoy cordless but need a bit more run time should purchase an extra battery to avoid midday charging.
  • Corded (Electric) – Those with smaller yards can find significant performance with corded trimmers at cheaper price tags.  Be prepared to purchase a long extension cord if you do not have one already.

Shaft Type

  • Straight – used to navigate tight spaces and in hard to reach places.
  • Curved – typically lighter weight and easier to handle/use.
  • Length – how long do you really need your trimmer to be?  If you aren’t above average height or don’t need to trim hard to reach places, you may not need the longer shaft lengths.  Additionally, some trimmers offer adjustable shafts for added versatility.

Cutting Features

  • Cutting Width – Depending on the typical use of your trimmer, you may not need the largest cutting width, especially if you only plan to trim down the weeds around the property.
  • String Feed Type – Many trimmers come with automatic feed line and “bump feed” features to help you continue the job through tough environments. Don’t forget to consider the ease of changing the line to save time when the line runs out.

Other Features

  • Edging Capability – Many consumers want their trimmer to not only cut weeds but also edge the property and driveway borders.  Some new trimmers come with easy edging settings while others can only be used through an awkward rotation and grip.  If you plan on edging with your trimmer, don’t overlook the ease of edging.
  • Speed Settings – To save power or fuel, some trimmers have variable speeds.  This enables the user to adjust the speed for each application and significantly save fuel or battery life.
  • Ergonomics & Weight – Unless you have a small yard or don’t plan on using the trimmer for more than 5 minutes at a time, the trimmer ergonomics and weight can help prevent the potential toll on your body.  Consider the overall weight, handle grip, product alignment, and other features to help you stay as comfortable as possible during the hot days of yard work.

By focusing on these main features and purchasing the correct trimmer for a typical application, consumers can save considerable amounts of money, time, and headaches in their yard work.  Consumers can easily become overwhelmed by marketing/product packaging and must focus on their application.  On a hot summer workday, the last thing anyone needs is added stress and having the best string trimmer can help minimize the extra stress and help make your yard look great.


What type of trimmer to you use?  Any features you wish your trimmer had?  Let us know!

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