How LEDs are Changing Christmas

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Get ready, it’s that time of the year again.  Sure Christmas decorations have been in stores for nearly two months, but now begins the Christmas music, shopping, and holiday decorations.  Neighbors will soon start the lengthy process of decorating their house to show off their holiday spirit.

Are you ready to decorate your house, lawn, and bushes?  Do you have the correct lights for your house?  Are those lights the best for safety, appearance, and your bank account?

Whether you are planning to simply decorate your Christmas tree or planning to recreate the Griswold’s 250 strands and 25,000 lights, the correct lights make all the difference.  Conversely, the incorrect ones can ruin your hard work and cost you more money.

Similar to our previous discussion on light bulbs, the future of holiday lights lies in LED.  As technology continues to increase in standard light bulbs, holiday light manufacturers are translating the technology to offer a low cost and highly durable alternative for your decorations.

Did you know that nearly 14 people per year are killed from Christmas tree fires?  The high output temperature of incandescent bulbs can cause trees to catch fire and cause harmful results.  LED bulbs do not heat up nearly as much, creating fewer fires and less tragedy.

Aside from safety, LED Christmas lights will last more than twice as long and will cut energy costs by over 33%.  Depending on your light display, that 33% can add up to a tremendous amount of savings.  For outdoor lights, LED bulbs are generally constructed in a way that is more impervious to moisture, heat, and cold, further lengthening their life.

If you haven’t made the switch to LED bulbs yet, this should be the year! Many stores are no longer selling incandescent holiday lights and even the famous Rockefeller Center tree is now lit through LED bulbs.  Don’t be the last one on your street with incandescent bulbs!



Did you support or monitor our Movember mission?  Thanks to overwhelming support, the 4th Strand Staches raised over $2,500 toward Men’s Health Support and Research and rocked some strong staches in the process.  Check out our team page to see how we did!



Do you currently use LED Christmas lights or are considering switching?  Did you participate in Movember too?  Let us know!


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4th Strand’s Working Hard

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Philanthropy.  For some people its donating money to charities.  For others it’s giving time, going on mission trips, or feeding the homeless.  Regardless of the act, philanthropy by definition is “an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes.”  For 4th Strand, philanthropy involves moustaches and hard work.

Two weeks ago, the 4th Strand group teamed up with over 150 others to help out the community.  Joining forces with the Home Depot Foundation, we arrived at the American Legion Post 201 in Alpharetta, GA for a full day of work.

4S team members were split up on different tasks including raking/blowing leaves, installing ceiling fans, painting, gardening, installing flooring, and building gazebos.

With the goal of helping Veterans and ending Veteran homelessness, a long day full of hard work turned the American Legion Post and its surrounding area into a completely restored area. 

4th Strand’s Doing Mo’



What normally comes to your mind when November 1st rolls around?  Autumn leaves? Football?  Winter coats? Turkey, gravy, and all the helpings? Early Christmas wishes?

What about moustaches?

That’s right, moustaches.  For the past 3 years at 4th Strand, November brings the growth of moustaches and the start of Movember, an annual campaign for men’s health awareness.

For those who aren’t familiar, Movember is a global charity focusing on raising support and awareness for men’s health.  How does this awareness work?  It’s simple. Participating men start the month of November clean-shaven, working over the 30-days to grow and groom their moustache.  But it’s not just about growing a moustache.  It’s done while encouraging friends and family to support their cause by spreading the message and donating money for men’s health research.  And it’s not just for men.  Mo Sistas join the cause by helping to raise funds and encouraging other men to get involved!

But why men’s health?  How widespread are men’s health issues?