Trim Time & Money Off Yard Work


It seems like just yesterday the whole country was bundled up under the Polar Vortex.  But here we are in the midst of summer and the heat that comes with it.  We know that everyone has their yard looking great from fertilizing properly and having the best lawnmower for their yard, but what about the edges of the yard and the thick weeds that have grown out of control through the growing season?  There must be a better way to keep your lawn sculpted and clean than hand picking weeds and struggling to replace the string on your old trimmer in the heat.

Luckily, 4th Strand has extensive experience in outdoor power equipment to help you focus on the right string trimmer for your use.  To start we will focus on the most important factors to help direct you to the perfect product. While many points may seem basic, many consumers often overlook key attributes that can save money and add to a better experience. 

The Evolution of the World Cup

The Evolution of the World Cup

Every 4 years, the world comes together for one of the largest sporting events in existence.  Across the globe, people gather at homes, squares, pubs, and elsewhere to see how their nation’s team fairs against the rest of the world.  Cheering and hoping their team will ultimately bring home the FIFA World Cup Trophy.  For those who think the Super Bowl is bigger, consider that in 2010 nearly 1 billion people watched Spain defeat the Netherlands in the World Cup Final.  The total number of 2014 Super Bowl viewers? Around 10% of World Cup Final (112 million).

At 4th Strand, we often help our clients improve product performance, brand consistency, marketing, and overall business decisions.  Our programs and recommendations are always aimed at improving the customer experience and strengthening our client’s name.

For the 2014 World Cup, FIFA has impressed us with their take on improving the game of soccer and the fan experience through revolutionary advancements and new technologies.  While there are many to list, there are two main advancements to keep your eye out for: goal line technology and the 2014 world cup ball.


Goal Line Technology

The Key to Product Consistency


As consumers, people often develop a need for a particular product, drive to a store (or visit an online retailer), and purchase the product.  Whether it is toilet paper, light bulbs, a lawnmower, or any other item, we rarely consider how the product moved from ideation all the way to the shelf.

Most consumers likely assume that retailers and vendors have conducted the necessary steps to ensure good performance, proper pricing, and brand consistency.  But often times, retailers don’t perform some of these processes, leading to dissatisfied customers, returned products, and the loss of future business.

For retail professional and vendors/manufacturers, one of the key steps often over looked lies in proper documentation of product