One MO’ Time


We are at it again.

The gang here at 4th Strand is kicking off another round of MOvember fundraising for prostate cancer awareness and other men’s health issues. We’ve doubled the office staff since our last efforts and are ready to save the world again with our hairy faces…. or lip rather. This time we are on a mission to raise ONE MILLION dollars!!!

Sorry, I made that up. Seriously though, last year we raised $5,192.00 with our small team of 18 first timers to the MOvember cause. This year we’d like to double those efforts or better. Our goal is an admirable $10,000.

Wait… What in the world is MOvember? Well, it’s almost like November, but the “Mo-“ part is short for “moustaches.” Basically, the entire month of November, men all over the world will participate in the MOvember campaign and grow their facial hair out all month. With their “Mo’s”, these men raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

The team needs your help to be… simply put, better men. If that line made you tear up, visit our MOvember team page and donate. If you didn’t cry, you might be in the same boat as the tin man and might need to visit the all great and powerful Wizard of Oz. :)

Check out this award winning MOvember film and jump on board with the cause. Make your family and your country proud.

4th Strand.